Monday, September 1, 2008

Blog income report - August.

New month begins and we have here latest earnings report from my blogging. As usual in brackets you can see income from previous month for particular program. This month was not very good as shown from earnings statistics. There are two factors why I haven't reached targets. First, I had been posting significantly less. Second, August is usually weak in terms of visitors due to holidays. It is especially seen for finance related sites.

Bad month for Adsense which generated half of the July's earnings.

Rebound for RevResponse, I want to focus more on this program. As the product is very attractive because they offer free stuff (magazines, newsletters). I want to try different ways of promotion for RevResponse.

INO still continue to be number one but with half of July's earnings. I have already referred program to some fellow bloggers and referral INO's earnings reached $6.50 this month.

As I mentioned last time I replaced Forbes Blogs Network ads. Replace is not the right word. I filled in INO HTML codes in Adify account for unsold inventories. So whenever Forbes ads are not available banners will show automatically INO ads.

Generally I am not very happy with my August performance and therefore I decided to set targets. September I want to end it up at least with $600.

Google Adsense $87.57 ($163)
RevResponse $2.10 ($1.26)
INO $285.93 ($574)
Forbes Blogs Network $0.82 ($1.19)
Direct sales $42.5 ($42.5)

Total $418.92 ($782.31)