Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blog income report - October 09

Again end-month earnings statistics with my blogging activities. As you can see below not so good month at all. In total it is around $450 vs. $600 month ago. What is the reason of such a decline? Main reasons are less posting. As I stated last time that in future I want to increase posting, exactly the opposite happened. I didn't have enough time for my blogging and regular posting. And the second reason is visible in INO results. I stopped to promote INO so heavily as I did before. No promotions in posts and so on.

I am setting one main target for following months. REGULAR POSTING AND MORE POSTING.

Detailed statistics:

Google Adsense $230.75 ($225.79)
INO $165.29 ($275.49)
Forbes Blogs Network $6.17 ($3.81)
Direct sales $57 ($100)

Total $459.21 ($605.09)