Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blog Income Report - April.

I would start summary for last month with words..."Not a good one at all". As you can see significant drop on all sources. I was thinking about the reason. Well my flagship blog get lower Google PR around 2 months ago and was thing that it is because of lower traffic. But traffic remains the same as I had with Google PR 4. CTR also the same but commission went down. Also I played a little bit with INO ads which reflected in one straight week without any earnings from INO. I will definitely look at this and probably used previous INO ads.

In April I have bought several domains and started new web sites and blogs. The strategy is clear, not to be dependent only on one blog site. I mean right now all my incomes come from one flagship blog.

New websites which I have launched during April are mixture of finance and health care web sites. - This website will be used for regular blogging for topics from emerging stock markets. - The website about Periodontitis. You can find tips how to prevent your teeth and gums from Periodontitis and tartar and also tips for dental hygiene.

And Here are detailed statistics:

Google Adsense $146.89 ($250)
INO $73.28 ($182.1)
Forbes Blogs Network $2.2 ($11.5)
Direct sales $115 ($115)
Amazon Associates $0.88 ($0)

Total $338.25 ($558.6)