Saturday, January 24, 2009

Add Meta Tags to Blogger/Blogspot blogs.

For one of my blog I make an experiment. I want to see difference in SEO and SERP with and without meta tags. There are many discussion all over the web but mostly people say "adding meta tags can even hurt your web site". But on the other hand mostly web sites at first page of Google seaches come with meta tags. At least I made right now quick test.

If you want to generate meta tags automatically you can use Meta Tags generator. It has one bug. After it generates meta tags for your keywords, title, description you have to add slash ( / ) at the end of each meta code. See example below.

<TITLE>testing meta tags</TITLE>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="this is for the test of meta tags">

And after your manual correction should look like this

<TITLE>testing meta tags</TITLE>
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="this is for the test of meta tags"/>

Now you should not have any problem to copy and paste your HTML code with meta tags into your blogspot / blogger blog in LAYOUT - EDIT HTML. Please remember that meta tags must be in HEAD section. It means between <HEAD> and </HEAD>

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blog Income report - December.

Last month of 2009 is over and here are my blog income results. The good thing is that earnings are still growing. Even in December which is generally considered as a bad for blogging. Especially when you are blogging about finance, stock markets where is really poor activity during this month.

Total earnings closed above magical level of $500. Google Adsense is number one of my earnings. The leading position is either Adsense or INO. The biggest decline is with Forbes Blog Network. This month Forbes brought $3.47 down from $12.01.

I am more that happy with the results for December. Especially when my posting was on the downside. My expected earnings range had been somewhere between $400 - $450. For the new year I have one target. I want to stay regularly above $500.

Here are detailed statistics:
Google Adsense $189.12 ($141.50)
INO $152.85 ($248.25)
Forbes Blogs Network $3.47 ($12.01)
Direct sales $154.7 ($96.4)
Amazon Associates $1.62 ($1.59)

Total $501.76 ($499.75)