Saturday, March 14, 2009

Forbes Financial Blogs Network.

It has been long since I joined Forbes Blogs Network. It is kind of partnership with Forbes that includes advertising program and also your posts will be hosted directly on Forbes page dedicated to blogs.

More details about network you can find HERE.

To be honest I was complaining about the network. As preliminary announced CPM rates were well behind reality. Also "Sold inventories" (percentage when ads are displayed) were somewhere around 20-30%.

But now I can see progress with sold inventories. Last 2 months It is close to 90%!!!.

That's why I am trying to highlight this program. If you have some experience with FBN I will be glad for any comments.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blog Income Report - February

Last month I set goal $500 but this has been exceeded significantly. On total blog income reached $692. I didn't have time for posting but still earnings and traffic grew. Still most of the income comes from my one flagship blog. My plan is to extent blog earnings also to other blogs and not to be dependent only on one website.

As you can see nothing new in terms of income source. Still leading sources are INO and Google Adsense. In INO I had 2 referral sales and some commission from free stuff.

For next month I am putting target to stay above $500.

Here are detailed statistics:
Google Adsense $193.17 ($238.59)
INO $375.53 ($210.53)
Forbes Blogs Network $9.11 ($2.13)
Direct sales $115 ($154.7)
Amazon Associates $0 ($1.49)

Total $692.81 ($607.44)