Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top affiliate program for business and financial blogs.

Recently I started to use new affiliate program from RevResponse on my investing blog StockWeb. And I found it as a very good source of income for financial and business bloggers. In fact it could be use for any area of blogging.

The product which you offer are free magazines and newspapers. Most of them are electronic but some are also delivered as paper. And as you know whatever is for free it attracts attention of your visitors. Therefore you can expect high CTR (click-through rate).

You can choose from huge offer really interesting magazines and newspapers or newsletters from are of finance, business, accounting, trading, information technology, engineering or online marketing. Even such a top papers like The Economist, Business Week or CFO. Visitor usually receives 4 free issues.

And here how your offer can look like...

You can customized your ads with number of different ads format. In addition to that RevResponse will create for you customized version of site with magazines related to your topic. Design will be exactly in line with your blog or web site. Please see their excellent work done with my site.

The rates vary from $1.5 to $20 for one free subscription. They also offer 1 tier referral program.

Here is the link for sing up to the program RevResponse.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

3 tips how to get traffic for new blog.

I'd like to share with you my experience with getting traffic for new blogs. I know there are thousands posts like this one over the web. But this reflects my start up with blogging.

1. Write interesting posts and frequently - This is the most important. If you don't post on regular basis and your articles are not interesting following 2 tips will not help you. As I've noticed 3 posts per week are optimum. Please also note that you shouldn't write too much posts as some of your subscribers could get annoyed by full inbox in their RSS reader. Which could cause that they will unsubscribe your feed.

2. Submit your posts to Carnival - Blog Carnivals are in fact aggregation of different posts hosted on one blog. Hosted blogger announces carnival theme and receives relevant posts (links) from other bloggers. After that the most interesting posts are shown in one post.
The best source for submission your posts for carnival is web BlogCarnival.

3. Link building - This comes automatically with my second tip. By submitting to carnival you informed about yourself other bloggers from your niche in blogosphere. Some of them (usually also hosted blogger for carnival) will link to your blog.
In addition to that after some time (after you write some tens of posts you can try to contact other bloggers with reciprocal link exchange offers.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to display HTML code in your blog post.

This is tip how to display HTML code in your blog post. If you try past HTML code as it is, it will never be displayed. Because browsers interpret them rather than display.

There are already couple of posts recommending to do following replacement in your HTML code:

Replace < (i.e. less than sign) with &lt;
Replace > (i.e. greater than sign) with &gt;
Replace (i.e. quote mark) with &quot;

But there is a faster way and much more easier. You can encode HTML code for instance by Encode/Decode HTML tool. Just simply paste the code and "encode". Then copy your encoded code and past it to your blog post.

Remove NavBar from Blogger.

Blogger NavBar is common feature for most of blogs hosted on blogspot. This NavBar at top of the site is set as default. But there is a really easy trick how to remove.

After you log on you go to Dashboard and select Layout and Edit HTML. In the very beginning of your code search for following (HTML code in bold must be entered in order to remove NavBar)..


#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

/* Variable definitions
<Variable name="bgColor" description="Page Background Color"
type="color" default="#666666" value="#666666">

After you save and reload your blog again, Blogger NavBar will be away.

Start up for the blog.

I've started up my blogging experience more that 1 year ago. I run only one blog StockWeb hosted on free blogger domain blogspot. In the beginning I just wanted to try all functionality offered by Beta Blogger. Later on I learned how to optimize my blog in order to get more traffic.

Then I was discovering how to monetize blog with advertising programs and was playing with different ads format. As most of other bloggers I started with Google Adsense but later have tried also affiliate referral programs.

Now I created this blog Money and Web, to share my blogging experience with other bloggers and visitors. And to have it also as a kind of notepad to register interesting ads programs, tips and hacks for Beta Blogger or ways of SEO optimization.