Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blog Income report - September 09

After two months gap I am publishing again statistics with blogging earnings. I had summer break from posting this regular income statistics. Usually during July and August are earnings on lower side and this happened also this year. Earnings ranged somewhere between $400-$500 per month.
September results shows nice rebound even vs. June. On total $605. It is one of the best results ever. Mainly due to strong CTR improvement in Adsense (I have posted in previous post about new beta blogger template and increase in CTR).
INO shows also strong numbers but it is not so good like one year ago when INO earnings reached even $700 per month due to several affiliate sales. I have decided not to use INO so aggressively as I did last year.

Generally targets for following months are quite simple. No radical changes to templates or ads programs. Just continue with regular posting more frequently than last months.

Detailed statistics:

Google Adsense $225.79 ($100.82)
INO $275.49 ($312.82)
Forbes Blogs Network $3.81 ($2.98)
Direct sales $100 ($135.7)

Total $605.09 ($552.32)