Monday, December 29, 2008

Ebay Partner Network vs. Amazon Associates.

As I posted once I had small business idea for promotion through Ebay Partner Network. But unfortunately EPN is still keeping me automatically rejected after submission of my application to the program. As I mentioned already in my previous post I have browsed the issue around the web and found there is not problem for US or North America based applicants or most of European countries. But seems like Czech Republic or Bulgaria are not on the list.

Some years ago I signed up for Amazon Associates affiliate program. I never put attention to this program. I always wonder if there is anybody making some good money from it. I have found couple of post in forums.

You can check some discussion right here...

Generally there are not so many folks doing money from Amazon Associates. But I just once posted about newly released book, Warren Buffett Biography - The Snowball, and it returned quite nice number of ordered books. My conversion rate is 7,7%. It would hardly bring such a conversion and earnings with Google Adsense and other CPC program. In addition to that Amazon Associates gives reader really related content as it is pointed directly by writer. For me, Amazon Associates is very good as secondary income source whenever you want to highlight some interesting book.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog income report - November.

During November I have not been posting articles like for previous month. In fact I posted only 18 short posts. But from the blog income point of view this was very successful month. I have reached $500 in total.

Except of Adsense I see increase on all sources. Especially earnings from Forbes Bloggers Network rise rapidly but eCPM is still very low. Income has risen mainly due to decrease in unsold inventories. Now almost 50% of impressions are filled in with Forbes ads.

I have to again mention my satisfaction with INO. It is the biggest earners this month and the best complementary ads program which I have tried up to now.

Here are detailed statistics:
Google Adsense $141.50 ($196.43)
INO $248.25 ($146.35)
Forbes Blogs Network $12.01 ($5.15)
Direct sales $96.4 ($96.4)
Amazon Associates $1.59 ($1.25)

Total $499.75 ($445.58)