Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tags cloud for Beta New Blogger.

Today I have decided to make small face lift to one of my blog. I really don't like tags cloud which is default in New Beta Blogger. It is really boring.

"Come on Blogger team, you should something with this! "

I have searched some hints and tips. There are clouds from 3rd party sides delivered as HTML code which you simply copy / paste as a new widget in your blogger template. But in these I don't like small labels where it comes from like Technorati or others.

Finally I found very naturally looking tags cloud for beta blogger. I repeat Beta because it doesn't work with old classic blogger templates. Here is the guide how to set up tags cloud for new blogger. And additionally tool how to determine RGB color format from HEX. This you will need for playing with colors in you tags cloud.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog Income Report - June 09

In total it was good month and we can see again month to month increase. But this time it had been mainly because of big affiliate sale in INO. Google Adsense was very disappointing this time. I can see two reasons for that. First, low number of visitors. Traffic went down as a reflection of less published posts. Ans second is redesign of my blogger template. It went wider and can see lower CTR in my Adsense account. I will follow this and perhaps switch to previous blogger template design.
Another point which I would like to mention is that I can finally see results from other websites which were launched 2 or 3 months ago. Now it is only few dollars but the good point is that there are now more money making websites.

Detailed statistics:

Google Adsense $100.82 ($207.62)
INO $312.82 ($169,82)
Forbes Blogs Network $2.98 ($5.88)
Direct sales $135.7 ($135)
Amazon Associates $0 ($0)
Commisson Junction $0 (12)

Total $552.32 ($530.32)