Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New start up business. Affiliate sales.

Recently I got two ideas for new start up businesses. Both are based on affiliate sales as a referral.

1.) The first one came to my mind like 1 month ago. And the business is linked with affiliate sales through EPN (Ebay Partner Network). Which is actually new program offered directly by Ebay. Up to now all affiliate programs for Ebay actions had been offered by 3rd party sites like Commission Junction or Auction Ads. And here is also showstopper. By 3rd party companies I had been accepted without any problem but Ebay refused my application to Partner Network. In fact I received automatic email right after I submit application. In email letter there was just stated "We cannot accept your application at this time".
I have browsed the issue around the web and found there is not problem for US or North America based applicants or most of European countries.

Well let's see in future if I will find the way how to get accepted. I don't want to post more details about the niche product which I would like to promote. But definetely I see this as a very profitable. It has high number of bidding and no shipping costs. If everything will go fine I promise to post more details.

2.) For the second business I can provide more details. It is about affiliate sales of flight tickets. I found Czech based server Kralovna which search for independent home based travel agents. After approval you receive access to search and sales engine for air tickets. You can either promote on your web site as a HTML code or directly refer sales with your unique affiliate number.
The whole service is for FREE. About commission, you receive CZK 380,- (around EUR 15,-) plus 5% from the price of air ticket. Fix based commission equals minimum rate for transactional charges.
As mentioned before you can offer this to you web site visitors or to your friends wishing to buy flight tickets. Good point which you can highlight is that their price will be free of transactional charges. And this makes cheaper deal for them and great business for you.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blog Income report - July.

New month and new Blog Income report is here. Actually last month was pretty successful and definitely one of the best since I have started with blogging. Last month it was first time when Adsense had not been major source of income but still Adsense income is growing on month to month.
The best is INO which is affiliate program for financial and business blogs. INO offers very attractive tools and analysis for investing. Total income generated in July is $574.

On the downside. Already in June report I have mentioned my disappointment with Forbes blogs network. It is still running on my blog but I have included code for INO in case of unsold inventories. Actually unsold inventories are close to 90%.
After good first month with RevResponse this time program generated only revenues from my referrals.
Ads for feeds are main action for next months. Feedburner used to generate around $90 per month. But now ads are not visible in my feed nevertheless program is active. I am still searching proper CPM or CPC ads for my feeds. Hopefully recently released Beta Adsense for feed will be available for general public.

Generally I am very happy for July as income more than tripled compared to month ago.

Google Adsense $163 ($139)
RevResponse $1.26 ($9.58)
INO $574 ($34)
Feedburner $0.36 ($1.53)
Forbes Blogs Network $1.19 ($5.75)
Direct sales $42.5 ($42.5)

Total $782.31 ($232.36)