Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blog income report - November 09

Another month is over and I am here with regular statistics with earnings from blogging. November was at the first sight quite bad month. Very poor results from INO and low income from direct sales. In total, earnings are sightly below $400.
But on the other side I made some new deals for direct sales which will be included in next month report. Google Adsense income is still increasing mainly due to earnings jump in new websites.
Outlook for the rest of the year. We have last month ahead and December is usually one of the worst month in terms of number of visitors. And therefore I would be happy with same results achieved in November meaning somewhere around $400.

Detailed statistics:

Google Adsense $238.11 ($230.75)
INO $85 ($165.29)
Forbes Blogs Network $5.68 ($6.17)
Direct sales $57 ($57)

Total $385.79 ($459.21)