Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is LinkedIn worth for job searching? Two simple tips.

LinkedIn became the most popular social networking website for professionals. There are plenty of forums and discussions about usability of such social networking websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Plaxo.
In my view we can divide all of these sites in group of fun or personal websites (Facebook..) and professional (LinkedIn..).
I tested both flag websites of each group and finally stick only with LinkedIn. In this article I would like to share my experience with LinkedIn.

LikendIn is great way how to stay with your former colleagues in touch but also great way for searching job. I have been offered relevant jobs not only from headhunters but also from direct employees from companies. Here are some tips for your LinkedIn profile optimization.

1. Short profile but all keywords included
Keep your profile simple. Company names and positions are enough. But never forget about keywords because employee seekers are using them to find relevant employees. By keywords I mean hard skills, soft skills, countries where you've worked or desired position.

2. Do networking
LinkedIn works on the similar logic as Google does. As much as connections (bac-links) you have, you will appear higher in search for particular keywords by employee seekers. And therefore do networking also with headhunters.